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A Pledge of Active Loving for TotallyMarried Couples

November 27, 2009

The Need for God’s Love in our Marriage

The CarpentersIf I sing “I Love You’s” with the voice of an angel and yet do not possess God’s love for my spouse, I am just an irritating hanger clanging on the closet door.

If I can capture the eyes of my spouse with mine, and know their deepest heart’s desires, and shower them with mountains of wealth and luxury, but possess not God’s love in my heart, I am just a vanishing vapor.

If I give everything I have to my spouse and even sacrifice my life for them, and yet I possess not the very Love of God, I have accomplished nothing.

A Pledge of Active Loving for TotallyMarried Couples

I will always react to hurt with a slow boil,
I will always be reaching out in kindness and showing favors,
I will always share and rejoice in the experiences of my spouse,
I will always seek to honor and give to my spouse,
I will always relate with humility and modesty,
I will always be orderly and controlled and comely (attractive),
I will always seek to serve my spouse without expectations,
I will always be emotionally involved with my spouse without being overly “touchy”,
I will always think good of my spouse and will vaporize any hurts and unkindness,
I will never think or speak of the wrongs of my spouse, especially to others,
I will courageously embrace truthfulness and honesty with my spouse,
I will always bear my spouses irritations and failures and will always cover them with God’s forgiving love,
I will always believe the best of my spouse,
I will never cease to hope for God’s best in our marriage,
I will actively stand against any attacks or failings that threaten our love,
I will actively love my spouse forever!

Based on 1 Corinthians 13:1-8, the greatest and most concise discourse on LOVE ever written.